The Omenium OmniSkyOne weather monitoring system gives total situation awareness to you and to your supporting team in real time.

It's not just a complete weather station, it's a network of weather information stretching as far as your capabilities go. The OmniSkyONE System provides crucial information pertaining to drug smuggling interdictions, search & rescue operations, drill platform protection and territorial water control.

Our on-board untis feature a rich, low-profile rugged system that is suitable for the harshest of military environments and comply with various international NEMA and Ingress Protection standards. Built upon true and tested protocols to make it one of the most reliable systems you'll ever use.

The System

OmniSkyOne is built with international partners to ensure the latest in quality and design standards. Featuring a 15” rugged system designed for continuous 24/7 operations and more.

  • Armour Glass Film Glass Resistive Touch Screen
  • VBOND Optical Enhancement for shipboard environment
  • Black Powder Coat Milled Aluminum Front Bezel and Aluminum Rear Housing
  • Optically isolated serial ports
  • Encrypted communication
  • Preloaded Omenium Observer ® Software
  • Energy efficient; low power consumption
  • Computer Reliability - 100,000 plus MTBF. Ideal for sustained performance and long duty cycles
  • True safety laminated glass fronted construction optically bonded overlay with Anti-Reflective Field
  • Monitor coating is very durable and it’s designed to meet industry standards such as SAE AMS- 2521 and MIL-C-675
  • Touch-screen works with finger, stylus, gloved hand or any other type of pressure activation


  • Enhanced situational awareness and common information sharing
  • Various options and customization to meet individual requirements
  • Highly affordable system and low cost bases on COTS technology
  • Little training required
  • System requires minimal mechanical integration and cabling effort
  • All in one sensor for ease of installation
  • Information is available thorough our secure web platform (real time and past data)
  • Generate weather report for analysis
  • Accurate detection of environmental condition
  • Enhance security of life and property

The Network

The OmniSkyONE collects and feeds information through our data centres where it is made available to your team, 24/7. Whether you need up-to-the-minute observation or need to peek in the past for analysis, our secure, redundant network of databases ensure you can access your data. This view of the situation enhances your operational insight of the situation.

Sensor Specifications


  • Dimensions : Ø approx. 150mm, height 317mm
  • Weight: Approx. 1.5kg
  • Protection type housing IP66
  • Operating voltage 4...32VDC


  • Principle: NTC
  • Measuring range -50...60°C
  • Accuracy ± 0.2°C (-20°C...+50°C),
  • Otherwise ± 0.5°C (>-30°C)

Relative humidity

  • Principle Capacitive
  • Measuring range 0...100% RH
  • Accuracy ± 2% RH

Precipitation quantity

  • Resolution 0.01mm
  • Measuring range Drop size 0.3...5mm
  • Reproducibility Typ.>90%
  • Precipitation type Rain/snow


  • Response time (95%) <1s
  • Spectral range 300 to 1100nm
  • Measuring range 1400W/m²
  • Accuracy 5%

Air pressure

  • Principle MEMS capacitive
  • Measuring range 300...1200hPa
  • Accuracy ± 0.5 hPa (0...+40°C)

Wind direction

  • Principle Ultrasonic
  • Measuring range 0...359.9°
  • Accuracy < 3° RMSE >1.0m/s

Wind speed

  • Principle Ultrasonic
  • Measuring range 0..75m/s
  • Accuracy ± 0.3m/s or 3% (0...35m/s) RMS of reading, whichever is greater ± 5% (>35m/s) RMS

Computer Specifications


  • 15" 1024x768 XGA Resolution VESA/Console Mount Industrial Computer
  • Armor Glass Film Glass Resistive Touch Screen
  • VBOND Optical Enhancement for Shipboard Environment
  • 400nits Brightness
  • Full Range Manual Dimming


  • 90-240VAC Power Supply input w/fused Corcom Filter
  • Black Powder Coat Milled Aluminium Front Bezel, Aluminium Rear Housing

Internal Hardware

  • Intel E3845 Quad Core Atom 1.91GHz Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD (5400RPM)

I/O Ports

  • 4-USB 2.0, 2-Gigabit Ethernet Ports, VGA output external
  • 4-RS422 optically isolated serial ports (15kV ESD, 4kV Surge, 2kV electrical isolation and protection)